Thursday, July 2, 2009

Start a Review Site Business

With blogs, writing, and so many sites that offer money for reviews, this can give you some great ideas to start one up yourself. Of course, you don't have to go big like Reviewstream. You can just focus on your niche and being that it's something you love and know about, it won't seem like a bore or a chore. It'll be a journey into learning more about what you love and sharing your opinion with the world.

Think of it as the ultimate survey / opinion site but with style and class to match your own. Let's say you love cars or fashion, or even gardening. Well you get the point. Why not comment on the latest topics, products, ways to do certain things and more. Build your site around this and get known as an expert in your field. In time, you'll gain an audience and not only get paid from adsense but from also approaching those looking for clients by offering them a review. A paid one of course.

Hey taste testers get paid for trying food so why not get paid for trying a free product and writing an honest review.

I read a story a few months ago about a woman who got so much attention from her blog that companies were knocking at her door asking her to review their products on her site. Wow.. if that's not a sign that this is a great market to get in, I don't what is. And she was reviewing baby products. So just think how huge the market is out there for your prized passions.

So get your creative juices rolling, start thinking of an incredible site and making a plan on how to make it come alive.

God Bless

Monday, June 22, 2009

Create an Online Directory

There are many many directories you'll find on the net. Why not create one yourself? Of course anything great is going to be a bit demanding but you can begin to learn part time while you are working and eventually drift into promoting and working at your craft full time.

Just think about what you like to do and the great resources on the net that exist for that particular passion. Then look into creating a master directory for it. It can pertain to business, guitar lessons, where are they now celebrities, you name it. You can even make it interactive or editable so those visiting can add their comments and updates.

Now something like this is going to involve lots of work, coding, and time. The more money you have, the more you can invest to have someone else do the dirty work of designing the site and other people promoting it. The less money you have, the more you'll have to search for resources that can help you, and study coding yourself to get things accomplished.

Study directories already in existence. Ask questions from coders about how to go about creating something of this magnitude and decide if this is something you really want to venture into.

You can make money from advertisements or even create a subscription membership; where you'll give the member free options and paid options as a member. Those that see in the benefit in using such a service will subscribe.

God Bless

Thursday, June 18, 2009

InStore Demonstration Business

So if you've ever gone shopping and noticed someone set up with a table and samples then you've witnessed first hand the work of an in-store demonstrator. There are hundreds if not thousands of these types of companies and you can choose to start one or gain some experience and expertise in partnering with one as a independent contractor.

For the job aspect, it's run like a normal job except you are working independently. There's also a huge physical aspect to it as it deals with setting up and setting down, standing up all day, and interacting socially with those that are shopping. There may be strict hours that you would have to adhere to during the day while the store is open. And the company may even set up some sort of quota in giving samples to make sure that you are working hard to promote the product being advertised.

Sites like Narms and the Volition forum are great places for researching and applying to demo companies hiring in your area.

Creating your own demo company is also an option for you. You can start off locally and advertise your services to grocery stores and large supermarkets. You can even begin by offering free demo work before you start pitching your services to food distributors and manufacturers. This way you not only have the skills to run your business, but you've experienced both sides of working and managing with the references to prove it.

Research the business. Talk to companies that are already successful doing this type of work. Connect with business that operate on a local level and ask questions about pricing, employees, and advertising. You may be surprised what you might learn that you can implement in your own business.

Good Luck and Happy Demoing!

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