Saturday, March 28, 2009

70 Work Home Business Ideas: Crafts and Creations

Ever looked at something around the house and thought "I could make that." Would you love to make things and just need ideas for ways to earn profits? Great! These ideas are exactly what you've been searching for; packed with 70 craft ideas. They way you choose to go about any of these ideas is entirely up to you. It will take research and work on your part to follow through with it but the reward can make it all worth while. Remember that you can showcase your creations online, at exhibits, fairs, and even in craft and antique shops willing to buy your merchandise from you to sell. The opportunities are as large as your imagination.

1. Candle Making

2. Scrapbooking

3. Design an Sew Children's Clothing

4. Gift Basket Business

5. Soap Making

6. Quilter

7. Jewelery Making

8. Custom Painted Mugs

9. Wind Chimes

10. Wood Working

11. Pottery

12. Ribbon Crafts

13. Rubber Stamps

14. Porcelain

15. Clay Art

16. Gift Bags

17. Crochet and Knitting

18. Collages

19. Beading

20. Cross Stitching and Embroidery

21. Create and Sell Craft Kits

22. Compiling Photo Albums

23. Making Custom Lamp Shades

24. Dried Floral Bouquets

25. Decorate Shopping Centers for a Festive Holiday

26. Make Custom Sew On Patches

27. Make Unique Christmas Ornaments

28. Make Candy Bouquets

29. Custom Picture Frames

30. Customizing Clocks

31. Stuffing Animals

32. Making Rugs

33. Card Making

34. Personalized Pillows

35. Doll Making

36. Glass Art

37. Making Miniature Furniture of Dollhouses

38. Creating Games

39. Making Decorative Air Fresheners

40. Weaving

41. Ceramics

42. Decorative Painting

43. Decoupage

44. Calligraphy

45. Bridal Crafts

46. Lace Making

47. Metal Crafts

48. Mosaics

49. Making Shadow Boxes

50. Decorating Eggs

51. Repairing Needlework Jobs for Others

52. Carving Jack-o-lanterns

53. Making Custom Key Chains

54. Creating Costumes

55. Monogramming

56. Making Jigsaw puzzles

57. Nautical Crafts

58. Leather Crafts

59. Gourd Art

60. Mosaics

61. Plastic Canvas

62. Repairing Old Books

63. Bronze Anything

64. Bath Salts

65. Custom Stationary

66. Pet Accessory Grooming Bows

67. Henna Tattoos

68. Home Decorating

69. Furniture

70. Unique Flower Pots

Here are some great crafting Communities:

Get Crafty

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