Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Business Idea: Desktop Publishing

So what is desktop publishing anyway? Well desktop publishing combines computer software and the publication of documents either on a large or local scale. This means that using graphic skills to create page layouts, displays, promotional items, signs, and package designs can be created.

Electronic pages and virtual paper pages are two types of pages in desktop publishing. The electronic pages will be graphics that are committed to computer memory and space and will not be used for printed paper materials. The virtual pages will require parameters that coincide with physical paper sizes because it will eventually be printed. There are software programs that allow for custom design sizes used in large printing for billboards, displays and what have you.

If you've taken an interest to this field, you must assess your passion, your finances and your skills. Here's what I mean:


So how bad are do you want to does? Do you have what it takes to invest the amount of time that is need to succeed? Have you thought about a business plan? Rates and other responsibilities? Crafting a contract? Marketing your business? If not, then now is the time. It'll help you figure out if going all the way is best for you.


You are going to need to invest in the right hardware and software, learn how to use it, and manage to keep all this within budget. It may be best to put some money aside from your main source of income for a while until you've got a good set up.


You will also need to assess your current design skills. While you don't need award winning skills and experience, it is important to know the basics and be willing to go from there. There are many design tutorials online free and it may be worthwhile to research courses and register for some.

If you start planning your dream today, you'll have a solid foundation tomorrow.

Here's more information to get you going:

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