Monday, March 30, 2009

Social Media Job: Community Manager

Social media jobs have become extremely popular nowadays. Community Managers obviously manage an online community but they also do a host of other tasks. They help to develop strategies for online growth. They facilitate and monitor online discussions. They may be required to provide reports of community status and develop key relationships with clients and customers alike.

This may seem like a fun job because it involves socially interacting with people. And for the most part, it can be. But while it is considered sociable, it's also work. So because of that, most community manager positions require a minimum of a BA degree, with established online presence, documented communication skills, and a well versed persona in a great social network such as Facebook, Myspace or a top blog.

Social Media Headhunter and Jobs in the Social Media are great resources for searching for these types of jobs.

So good luck and happy

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