Monday, March 30, 2009

Work Home Business Idea: T-Shirt Designer

You wear one all the time right? Well have you ever thought about creating one? If you consider yourself artsy and love the thought of designing shirts then you can have a booming market on your hands. We're talking sports, urban, pets, even personalized shirts. You can go ebay, flea markets, exhibits, street corners, local boutiques or whatever. You can even design online.

Online studios will allow you to design and save your work helping use more time to carry out the business side of things while lowering the cost of supplies.

First you want to identify your market and target your audience by creating marketing materials. Meet with business owners and all those interested in your designs. There are many groups, clubs, leagues, associations, that can benefit from your work. Even if it's a once a year function; meeting with the owner or sponsor and getting them to look at your work, price, and professionalism can help you land a gig and big time dough. Here are some resources and articles to learn more:

Where To Sell

Design By Humans
Big Cartel
Tee Tonic

Blank Clothing and Templates

Blank T-Shirt Templates

Photoshop Tutorial
DIY Vintage Shirts
How to Print Graphic Designs on Shirts
Go MediaZine

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