Thursday, April 9, 2009

Become a Copywriter

If you're a fairly decent writer and possess experience in sales, then becoming a copywriter may just be in your blood. Companies hire copywriters to work freelance and on-site with the responsibilities of creating slogans, ads, exciting sales letters, targeted campaigns, phrases for signs and much more.

Being a good copywriter comes with experience and being successful comes with building a professional portfolio of yourself to market to your clients. The business is tough starting out because of the the competition. But there are ways to make yourself known locally while adding some notches on your belt. When getting started, choose a field and go from there. Let's just say you have a healthcare background, then it would be great to write for hospitals, clinics, small practices, and medical nonprofit agencies.

Search for internships at ad agencies. Call to make contact with them and make them aware of your goals in the industry. Inquire about work opportunities of any kind to gain experience. Also contact creative directors, local group owners, and more. Understand it is not mandatory to obtain an undergraduate degree, hiring managers prefer it.

If your goals do not include a degree, locate individual courses on the subject online and off. There may even been workshops or seminars that can get your started in the right direction. Become involved in these and add this to your portfolio.

It's important to let managers see that you've invested in your career and that you take it seriously. Join associations and learn tips from experienced copywriters on getting started.

Volunteer for a nonprofit or get involved in your local arts, human rights, or pets groups. Write anything you can to help and gain experience; press releases, sales letters, newsletters, online profiles. Keep copies and use this to build your experience as well.

Network with freelance and small graphics firms. Many of them receive writing projects that can be passed on to you. Also be sure to read every book you get your hands on that deals with copywriting and plug yourself into forum gold mines. Here are some resources for ya'.

Copywriting Site
Warrior Forum
Free Copywriting eBook
Free Copywriting Course

God Bless

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