Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Turn Photos Into Gifts

Do you like photos? Well you don't have to be a photographer to earn extra money from pics. Why not use photos as a gift to earn extra cash. Let me explain. Nowadays there are free image editors that can do amazing things. And if you have Photoshop, then you can use that program to really rank in. Have you ever thought of turning a photo into a coloring book or even a comic book? You can. Why not offer to make a cool looking avatar out of someone's photo. Or even offer personalized photo avatars that you can create just by learning a few tutorials.

This is a business where you can market everybody; not just the business owners. How cool would it be to have a child coloring a photo of their mom or their sibling. That would make on the fridge even more special and it would be a great gift.

Think of yourself as a storyteller, why not create a cool comic book with a family adventure for a child to read and treasure for a lifetime. Once you market your services, you'll get plenty of contact from people interested in this.

Here's a cool tutorial about how to turn photos into comic book art the Photoshop way..
Photo JoJo

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