Thursday, April 2, 2009

Business Idea: Concierge Service

If you've ever wondered what a concierge service was, then I'm here to help you out. See concierge is just a fancy french term that means service. Think of it as a personal do whatever I need done business. Cause it does not involve any particular type of service, just whatever your client needs done.

This business can take on many forms and the start of it may be challenging and demanding but the rewards are many. See you can market yourself as a personal assistant, and all out errand girl/boy, or just a office helper. Whatever your fancy, it's all to keep your clients happy and have them spreading the word about your services.

Your start up costs will be minimal but it may be helpful to hire office help especially if you'll be the one out in the field most of the time. This way, this person can keep up with invoices, brochures, scheduling appointments and other office needs. This is where a virtual assistant can really come in handy. Or you can flip it, you can be the one in the office seat and just hire field help.

You can decide to charge weekly or monthly rates. For advertising, you can put local ads in weekly papers or just confront busy people. It's great to set up a professional website with photos of everyone involved. You want to not only build trust but let people have a sense of familiarity with you as well. If they have visited your website, read your company history and know your face, then when they call and schedule an appointment they'll feel more comfortable working around a familiar face.


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