Friday, April 3, 2009

Business Idea: Notary Service

So you've probably had to use one; but have you ever thought about making money by becoming one. Well let me share some of the requirements with you and how profitable it can be before you erase the idea from your mind.

A notary is a person certified by the state to administer sworn oaths as a witness for important documents. The requirements for becoming certified differ from state-to-state by may include some or more of the following:

Age requirements (usually 18 yrs)
State residency requirements
Classes or state run training (some training may be available online)
Passing a state exam
Becoming bonded or insured

The best place to find out more information and getting started with your notary business is by visiting the Notary Association.

There are a lot of companies that can benefit from having a notary public on staff. And there are lots of different types of companies to choose from. From car dealerships, to insurance companies, finance and mortgage companies, real estate, construction and so much more.

You can even market yourself independently. Advertise your business in the yellow pages and as a added bonus, you can even go mobile. Mobile notaries are a great convenience for people needing notarized documents fast. It's also a great word of mouth marketing tool because not only will you get repeat business but you'll also get referrals too.

God Bless

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