Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cake Decoration Business

This idea is based on the premise that we all love cake. And to add even more to that, we also love custom cakes. If you've got an interest in whipping up a great cakes, then this could be the business for you. We're not talking about high profile, picky clients. This does not have to be your focus unless of course this is what you are shooting for.

But cakes are needed for all sorts of celebrations and events. Office parties, birthdays, anniversaries, banquets, gatherings, and more. Have you even stopped in your local supermarket to witness their dreadful cake designs. Sure if you really need a cake, you'll have to suffice but you can be the one to change all that.

So here's what you should do if you are beginning with no knowledge of creating cakes:

Get books from your local library and search the net for good tutorials on making online cakes. Here are a few:

Joy of Baking
Recipes 4 Cakes
What's Cooking America
Gourmet Cakes 4 U

And you'll see there are thousands more once you begin your search. The best thing to do would be to learn from people already in the business. Local small businesses in your area or state that offer cake decorating services and ask questions about getting started. Visit baking forums and post questions there as well. Don't be afraid to learn new things or even accept some constructive criticism.

You can start you marketing by making cakes for friends or co-workers. You can even offer to make the cake for a specific function for a discounted price in the beginning to gain more clients an great referrals, then go from there.

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