Sunday, April 19, 2009

Starting a Cleaning Business

This a business that can benefit everybody. Although I love Molly Maids and would never take anything away from the hard work put into home cleaning, the area of expertise I'd like to address is office cleaning or what some call janitorial services. So please understand that cleaning can mean a range of things though. There is carpet cleaning, pet cleaning (if you don't mind that sort of thing), car cleaning, window cleaning, furniture cleaning and more. But in my opinion, it may be a bit more convenient dealing with office especially when you can do it at a time, when everyone has left for the day. Depending on the office and the clutter it would not take too long and you can do schedule to do a few offices in your area.

If you are working alone, you can market yourself in person and ask them who does their cleaning and why you should be contracted. Make a reputation for yourself around town and once you have a few clients going, you got a great hour paycheck and a nice side business.

You want to get educated in the business and research the equipment you are going to need for cleaning. You will need to invest in these items in the beginning but once you brand your business with a cool name, logo, website etc, you can use the money you pay to claim it on your taxes as a business expense.

You may want to network with those in your area advertising cleaning services already. Maybe you can both go into business together or you can partner up with someone who does services in another area of cleaning like lawn care or window cleaning and the both of you can share referrals.

For rates, it's best for you to determine what other cleaning services are offering in your area. You can call the local cleaning companies from the phone book, pretend to be a client and get their current rates. This will help you determine a price you'd like to set for a new business starting out.

While you can start with a minimal investment, you still must research the legal formalities and comply with them before starting your business; that means making sure documents are in place for licensing and insurance.

Here are some additional resources to help get you going:

Start Cleaning Biz
Cleaning Equipment Trade Commission
Big Mop

God Bless


Imee Rocks said...

I'm known as someone who probably has OCD. I'm not too neat, but I'm very organized and I get annoyed when I see dust (I have allergies). So a cleaning job would probably be something I'd look into in case of the pink slip. Though I hate cleaning bathrooms, haha!


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