Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ChildCare Referral Service

This would be one important business because people new in the area are always needing referrals for babysitters, daycares and home childcare centers. There may be current referral centers in your local area but this business is centered on community involvement and reputation. Here's how you'll get started.

Since it is a business, you'll have to choose a neat name and get your biz registered locally. Once you brand yourself with a company name, logo, and so forth, you'll see that clients will be more comfortable knowing that they are doing business with an established business rather than just a stranger.

Now you need to take time to develop your website. You'll have to invest in quality web design. The website will focus on local childcare centers in the neighborhood and detail lots of information; such as the amount of teachers on staff, the number of children they accept, how long they have been in business, awards and accomplishments, their office hours, rates (if they accept government assistance) and so forth. Introduce yourself to the daycare and let them know that you want to do an interview for free advertisement on your website. Make sure that they sign an agreement giving you permission to use the information provided in a public setting on your website. Offer to take photos so that those needing care will get a glimpse of the environment their child will be in.

You also want your website set up as a membership status for those needing care. Allow them to register to the site to be active. Set up a rating system for each daycare and allow those who have had experiences, make comments and use a star rating system on the facility.

There are a couple ways to make money from this website once it becomes active. You can of course put up Google ads on the side of the site. But you can also market ad spots to local business daycare owners. There are many daycares that advertise in the paper when they have openings and they even run specials. Once you market your website, you can offer them a feature spot on the home page or a certain section of the website depending on how you have the daycares broken down ie. by location (uptown, downtown, near MLK and so forth), alphabetically, popularity, type (sitter, home care, facility), or a range of all four.

Marketing for your website can be relatively easy especially since you'll be giving free advertising. You can just ask to put some brochures at the front desk. I'm sure they'll be happy to do this. There is also a ton of free online advertising ideas you can use. Once people know about they service, they'll be using it often and referring to those around them.

God Bless

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