Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doula Birthing Business

Moms and dads who attend the birthing of their child understand how difficult that time can be. It's an even rockier road when the person there to support you, has no idea how. Tis the reason doulas exist. Doulas are experienced trained professionals who coach moms before, during, and immediately after birth. They also provide emotional support during postpartum periods.

DONA is a great doula association and through their site you can get certified, get advice, workshops and a host of other services. Here are some other sites for certification:

Birth Works
Int'l Childbirth Education Association
Childbirth International
Bradley Method

When deciding on rates, take into consideration what other doulas charge in your area. If you are inexperienced, you may want to slightly decrease your rate of pay. It's best to network with mommy groups and parents to start getting your name out there for free advertising. Some big advertising tools will be word of mouth and a good website. If you're good, friendly, comforting you will get referrals. And this is a great way to build a client portfolio. Here are some other helpful sites and resources:

All Doulas
Doula Network
Child Birth
Doula Resource Sites

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