Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Start a Pet Sitting Business

If you have a love for animals, you may want to consider staring a pet sitting business. It may not be an easy job, but if you love pets, it will definitely be rewarding. Before starting out, you want to decide if you only cater to a specific type of animal such as dogs or cats. You also want to make sure you advertise the kind of services you provide, such as out of town occasional services or daily activities like walks and such. Will you want to offer a grooming service for your client's pets? Will you provide feedings, medications etc? What about the amount of time for walks? Or if a client needs you to sit on short notice? All of these instance will arise at some point and may offset the amount you intend to charge to the customer. This information will be especially important when drawing up the contract for your client. This is a great business for repeat clients as well.

It'll be important to do lots of homework on area procedures. You want to keep in mind the amount of competition in your local area as well as current rates for services. You're also going to have to make sure you invest in pet sitter's insurance. Costs can range between $150-$300 depending on where you live.

You also want to think a cute simple name for your business and create a URL that your customers can remember. Which sounds better and is more memorable: or Now of course you are going to have to get creative to think of something short, memorable, and available, but it can be done.

When you are ready to start your business, make sure you have a few quality references. You can get these by volunteering to sit for a friend or colleague in return for a recommendation.

For advertising, begin networking with area sitters in your area. They may have tons of work to pass on to you and can refer their clients to you if they are too busy. Here are some good resources with more information:

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
Frugal Mom Pet Sitting
Professional United Pet Sitters
Pet Sitters Forum

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