Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Personal Shopping Business

You do it all the time. But have you ever thought of doing it for someone else; for a fee? Well you can. Many people hate shopping and don't have the time. for it. Why not offer this service in your local area and cater to busy professionals, extra busy moms, or even seniors. The great thing about a business like this is that once you build a client base, your set. No constant marketing or advertising to get yourself out there. Just rely on your repeat customers and know that they'll refer your services to their friends.


You can even target a community home, or a place where lots of moms hang out...hello daycares and places of fun for the kids. Leave flyers and business cards. Another great way to target clients is just to talk to them directly. Meet them in stores and get to know them. It can become especially helpful during long check out waits when people become impatient. This is when targeting is the right thing.


Know where to get the cheapest products or when things on go on sale. Use this to your advantage and a teaser for people who really just buy what they need when they need it but can appreciate a cheaper price.


It's best to note when you are available and when you can schedule clients. Sure there will be clients that have urgent sporadic requests but it's best to set your clients up on a scheduled time. You want to allot for time going to store, time in store, and time of delivery; especially if you are working as a one man team.


Your rates depend on your clients, their needs, and basically what the job involves. You can set your rates by a certain amount per hour or give someone a fixed rate if they are a repeat customer and use your services monthly.

Finally know that you will get clients but you have to build a level of trust with your community first. If you've volunteered for anything before, say that. Use that leverage to help you build content for your site and display what stores have sales when and how you can be the one to help them save by meeting their shopping needs.

God Bless

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