Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work Home Job Idea: Demonstrator

So you're walking down the aisle of your grocery store and you see someone with a table in the center of the frozen aisle trying to get you a sample of a featured food. Well these people do what's called demo work or in-store demonstrations. Demo work comes in many forms and from many outlets. Food demos are most popular but there are also demos of products to. Everything from vacuum cleaners to new laundry detergent. Of course the great thing is the samples, but these are teasers to get the customer to buy the product. You're not responsible for selling them anything. Just giving out free goods and answering questions.

These jobs usually pay per hour and can be quite interesting because you're never in the same location and you're constantly working on new campaigns. While there are many merchandising companies that hire for demo work, once you get some experience under your belt, you can always go independent and market yourself to companies directly.

You can secure yourself repeat clients that way and always have a gig if you move. Just think, if you are doing demo work for a new kind of breyer's ice cream, and you've marketed yourself directly to them, they can pretty much use you anywhere.

Nice idea...lots of possibilities...

God Bless

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