Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Start a Romance Consultant Business

If you're pretty good with giving advice and you've had your fair share of relationships, then starting a romance consultant business may be a good career for you. Now psychics are always high in demand for people wanting to find out their future. But what a lot of them want is sound advice from someone they can trust without judgment.

And just like you don't have to obtain a degree to be a psychic, the same goes for being a romance consultant. There is a company that hires for this kind of information already. It's called MarsVenus. But there are also ways that you can begin your own advice consultant business. Sites like Keen and Bitwine help by giving you a platform to starting your career.

Since romance encompasses so many topics, you can even choose a sector such as Dating, Divorce, Marriage, Pleasing Your Mate, Healing from Broken Wounds, and more.

Getting your first clients may not be easy as pie but people always want someone to talk to so don't give up if experience the dry spell in the beginning.

Try to place local ads. You can even advertise a free 5 minute consultation or something to allow them to get an understanding of how you can be of assistance to them. You can even do this consultation via web conference, email web cam chat (gmail, yahoo and others are now doing this), or im messaging. There are many options.

For this type of business, you must be a people person, very friendly, patient and nonjudgmental. No matter what others tell you, they are disclosing their privacy to you and even if it's the most immoral thing you've ever heard, at the end of the call, your client should still feel respected, honored, and with more wisdom and confidence than they started.

Most of the time, people have in mind the decision they should take but they get bombarded with the suggestions of friends and family that it's best for them to get an outside objective view of their life. And that's what you provide.

For every type of consultant in the world, business, finance, health, law, tech and more you'd think that there would be more that deal with our emotional well being. I mean think of it this way; not everyone will become a doctor or lawyer but everyone at some point in time will enter a romantic relationship. So the scope of your business will never be limited to a certain sector.

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