Saturday, June 6, 2009

Start an Association Management Service

If you've dipped or dabbled into any sort of management or even if you're interested in this particular field then you might want to consider starting an association management business. Many types of organizations from nonprofits to trade groups and more contract companies for management services. When an organizations more volunteers than they can manage but are not yet financially secure enough to rent out office space and hire employees, they then turn to the assistance of association managers to help them administer tasks and daily activities.

The day of an association manager can be a busy one. The specific functions can depend on the client represented but can include writing, publishing, maintaining membership, handle phone calls and incoming mail, keeping records, sending out information, paying and collecting bills, taking reservations, making arrangements and appointments, arranging events and meetings, booking speakers, and planning national conventions.

A great way to start is by volunteering for an association to gain first hand knowledge in learning how things are done and coordinated. You can also convince the association to allow you to volunteer from home after you know enough about them and how they run their organization.

You can also choose to learn by experience. What better way to market yourself to an association but by someone who has created one. Your local library will have lots of info on beginning an association. This link also seems like a great source of information for those looking for it.

There are certain tasks that you must be good at before determining if this type of business is suitable for you:

-You must be great at organization and detail.
-You must have the ability to manage an office at any level.
-You must be a great oral and written communicator.
-You should have or be willing to learn marketing skills to bring upon new members.

This business will be very rewarding as well as giving you the opportunity to meet all sorts of people.

Here are a couple great websites that can help:

American Society of Association Exeuctives
International Association of Association Management Companies

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