Monday, April 20, 2009

Start a Fundraising Business

Starting a fundraising business can be quite profitable and very rewarding for someone who enjoys working in the nonprofit sector. When you are just starting out, the best way to learn besides researching of course is to actually work in the field. You can begin your career by volunteering for a non-profit. You'll gain experience working on fundraising projects and an use these skills build your portfolio for your own business.

There are different aspects of fundraising including grant writing, event fundraising, and helping an organization get started (there are many steps in this process where a non-profit would need help). You can even volunteer to oversee fundraising events and create or plan the project.

Volunteer Match is one of many website tools that help to match people's skill up with great non-profits. You can start there or just take a glance at the non-profits in the yellow pages and call around. This is not a business that you would be able to start right away but with months/years of experience under your belt and tons of research and information, you'll be able to market yourself to local and national non-profits and this time, it won't be as a volunteer.

Here are more great resources to help:

Association of Fundraising Professionals
Fundraising IP


Imee Rocks said...

It's amazing that there's still plenty of people like you who choose to help others in any way they can. I could probably do a few fundraisers, but I don't think it's my calling, so I applaud you for your efforts. More power to you!


Lynn Faruque said...

Glad I found your blog and site. I NEED to find some work at home and trying to focus on my own blog and do some research as to how to promote and it actually work on it. That is, haven't decided if it's important enough to anyone to do.

Anyway, thanks for the work at home resources.

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