Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Start a Forum Moderation Business

Ever wanted to become a forum moderator but never knew just where to go to apply? Well why stop at just the job, why not make a business out of it. Just like companies need websites, the ones that have websites always upgrade to make the user's experience better than before. They appreciate feedback and ideas and having a forum is a great way to do that. Especially if the business is in the IT category or they just have a great product. Having a forum is a great way to keep the telephones from beings so busy with user questions.

So if a business decides to implement a forum, they will most definitely need a moderator. And that's where you come in. The worst thing you can do is wait for this type of job opening to land on your doorstep. Because by the time their forum exists, they've already hired moderators essentially knocking everyone else out the market.

So here's a great way to start. If you are always on the web, this will be a treat cause just pick a huge community that you visit a lot. Let's say it's a something like ivillage or parents connect or mtv/bet. Who knows. Whatever site you visit a lot if they have a forum, contact the administrators and let them know that you want to moderate on a volunteer basis. The bigger the site, the better the references you can provide as experience. You can also moderate a few sites at a time.

Once you have some volunteer experience under your belt, start creating your site. Offer sites quality moderation and pride yourself on knowing the industry (whichever one you chose). There are thousands of forums on about every topic imaginable. So if your forte is crafts, then make sure you know something about it. Or if you decide to hire a team, make sure your team is versatile in different areas; tech, health, finance, etc. That you can offer your services to business in a variety of fields. You can limit in the beginning but as your business grows, keep this in mind.

Your business be run like a team of writers coming together. You can offer businesses a chance to get their forum going by posting lots of messages to build message count and also by offering advertising on other forums letting people know about the new message board the company has started. You can include this price in a starter package and a regular hourly wage for the moderators.

It's a good idea to research companies doing this that offer message posting services. There are a number of companies already that hire forum posters and while you are moderating and learning the ropes, you can also gain some cash doing this part-time. The pay is not much and expect your posts or thread starters to be really in depth.

Think of really good names for your site and begin to research the time and cost it will take to create a good site as this will be the first impression the company has when you solicit them either by mail, email, or face-to-face.

Good Luck and Happy Posting!!!!

God Bless


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